Material Processing

The latest high-technology facilities
  • High-speed professional paper shredding/material crushing machines which can shred paper or crush materials at 2 tons per hour.  The paper or materials are shredded/crushed into shreds or grains.
  • Computer-controlled automatic heavy packing machine of 150 tons pressure, which compresses the materials into bricks with 150 tons of pressure.
Confidential documents processing service

Many large-scale organizations, including banks, multinational enterprises and government departments of the HKSAR, need to regularly destroy huge volumes of confidential documents/materials.  We conduct destruction of all the confidential documents from our clients according to strictly confidential procedures.

As for non-paper items, or restricted items related to intellectual property rights, we also provide reliable and effective destruction service.  If you consider certain items to be of high confidentiality which must be processed by special methods, we can also provide assistance.  Same as processing of [confidential] paper materials, we shall adopt the strictest confidential measures to process the items you entrust us with.

Mode of Operation

We offer confidential documents collection service, either regularly or on-call basis (i.e. collection arrangement can be made by phone), or the client can deliver the confidential documents directly to our workshop.  Shall need be, we can provide bags specifically for containing confidential documents.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

The processing of all confidential documents is carried out entirely in our workshop; the operators must be authorized and designated by us.

There is an independent CCTV monitoring room and the operation procedures in the workshop are videotaped by CCTV 24 hours a day.  Designated persons are responsible for monitoring the procedures for processing the confidential documents, from crushing to pressing into bricks, and then arranged and handled according to environmental friendly procedures.

All confidential documents collected shall be properly destructed and processed within 24 hours.