Collection and recycling of materials

In Hong Kong, most of the disposed metals can be collected for recycling; and we often come into contact with these.  All metals can be recycled, therefore all metals should be separated from garbage.  The liquids in the metal containers should be flushed away, all plastic should be removed, including plastic drinking straws, wrapping paper and wrapping bags etc.

Many food containers are made by foam.  However, like other types of plastic waste, foam is not easy to decompose and will take up space in landfills for many years.  Therefore, we should not abuse plastic products; otherwise we would increase the volume of waste which needs to be disposed of, increasing the pressure for landfills.  For this reason, we need to collect plastic materials for recycling and reuse.

Procedures for recycling plastic waste

1. Categorize according to the type of resin

2. Remove any dirt on plastic waste

3. Crush the plastic waste

4. Mix in colouring; convert into granules by heating

5. Sold to plastic production firms for use as raw material

Do you know that by recycling one ton of paper, 17 trees can be kept alive, saving 6,953 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, and 4,077 kilowatt hours of energy? In order to save these limited resources, why don’t we put used paper or leftover paper to recycling?

Paper recycling process

1. Blend the waste paper into pulp, remove contaminants2. Process the fibre with pulp grinder
3. Inject the processed pulp into moulds for settling to yield the paper pulp
4. To remove the water content by exerting pressure by machine
5. To further remove water by vacuum suction
6. To dry by heat to produce recycled paper

Products made by recycled paper

1. Corrugated fibreboard
2. Grey/white cardboard
3. Paper containers
4. Cardboards

Most of the recycled electronic components, including computer motherboards, mobile phones and printers etc., are from the IT industry. When the home or office computer is no longer sufficient for use, what should be done to dispose of it? Production surplus of IC or electronic waste materials is also a bothersome issue!

When large mainframe computer in a factory needs to be disposed of, is its disposal a headache to you? Now, our computer recycling services help you deal with this problem, whether you are an educational institution, a commercial firm, a domestic household or an internet cafe.